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October 25 2017

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@lunyxweek Day Two 

Cover art for my new Lunyx fic “Heart of the Moon”! The first chapter will be posted later today and will fit the day 2 prompt.

I’ll post a link when it’s up.

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I woke up in a cold sweat because I needed to draw this


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His kindness surpasses all


so APPARENTLY the turn it off and on again method doesnt work for life support machines

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so i want to talk about how like………. the city of kirkwall is a gigantic human transmutation glyph that was built for the sole purpose of sacrificing thousands of slaves PER YEAR in mysterious ritualistic blood magic rites for CENTURIES.


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This is my original Overwatch hero concept, Buffyatta


okay i think this is my favorite response on this yet, thabk u

October 24 2017



Optimistic nihilism only lads

The universe is an open ended sandbox rpg. There’s no end goal. You can only get achievements. Some of them include making other people happy


Every time I read up on why Walmart failed in Germany again I am massively entertained.

I can recommend it to everyone. 

Google “Why Walmart failed in Germany”. 

Hours of entertainment. 




every fall teenage girls are like.. “oh , im gonna enter a place of business and order a product which is offered by that place of business because i like the flavor of it” and honestly? how dare they. that’s so annoying. why can’t they buy the beverage that i, a smart man, would prefer to drink

szechuan sauce frappe bc the cartoon science man like it


YA LGBTQ Novels Where the Focus Isn't Coming Out




When I was a young babygay, many of the LGBT YA novels I found were all about the angst and trials of coming out. Which is all well and good, but those can’t be the only narratives queer people see themselves in. So, I compiled this list.

I had three criteria:

  • Coming Out could be a part of the plot but could not be the whole focus (which is why Ask the Passengers, even though it’s good, isn’t on here, before you ask)
  • The protagonist/MC had to identify as queer/LGBT. No sidekick stories here.
  • The story could not be known to be biphobic or transphobic (which is why The Bermudez Triangle isn’t on here, also before you ask. Also bisexual-books has a great response to that book in particular, but this is not the place for that discussion.)

If you believe a novel on this list falls into the categories of bi- or transphobic or otherwise, please message me and I’ll look into it/remove it.

This is by no means a comprehensive list–feel free to message me with suggestions so I can keep updating!

The List is also on Goodreads!!


Realistic Fiction: Lesbian MC

Realistic Fiction: Gay MC

Realistic Fiction: Transgender MC

Realistic Fiction: Bisexual MC

Speculative Fiction: Lesbian MC

Speculative Fiction: Bisexual MC

Speculative Fiction: Gay MC

Historical Fiction: Lesbian MC

Queer/Not Otherwise Specified MC:

Reblogging because I’ve updated this list to include some more recent releases!! :) Please let me know if there’s a title you think should be on here and I’ll look into adding it! 

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman!! also thank you for this list

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The Pallas Cat.  

(via mbibi)



Bug spray.. but for men





What do you call two witches sharing an apartment? 



ghoul pals





friendly ass reminder that kit kats are the supreme candy bar and no other candy bar can ever compare and that’s tea

Yo have you ever had japanese kitkats tho?  they come is like six million bomb-ass flavors, like green tea, strawberry, BBQ, Pumpkin, Taro…  I had the Caramel Pudding ones once and I’ve never really recovered.

fun fact kit kats are very popular with students in japan because ‘kit kat’ sounds like a phrase that means ‘to do well’ so it’s a major study for finals snack

Was just talking about this with friends!

“kitto katsu” is basically saying to your friend “Good luck!” so handing them a kit-kat bar is the gift equivalent of the same~

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Turning Your Tinder Profile Into A Strip Tease.


This dude is in 3008

I appreciate the level of commitment he had to this concept.

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winter fruit, 2017

Why Is AriZona Iced Tea Cheaper Than Water?


Despite being a bladder-shattering 23.5 ounces, cans of AriZona iced tea have never wavered from the 99-cent price point introduced shortly after the drink debuted in 1992. It’s even printed on the label as a way of warding off sugar-water price gouging by retailers.

The fact that AriZona has been able to resist inflation for nearly a quarter-century is impressive. The fact that the cans usually wind up being cheaper than smaller soft drinks is also impressive, until you begin to realize how strange it is that a vat of iced tea and its accompanying ingredients somehow manages to be less expensive than plain water.

In a recent interview with Thrillist, AriZona chief marketing officer and co-owner Spencer Vultaggio shed some light on this convenience store mystery.

Unlike water titans Coke (which distributes Dasani), Evian, or Fiji, AriZona has virtually no advertising dollars invested in their teas. “We feel like it’s more important to spend money on something that our customer really cares about, instead of buying billboards or putting our cans in the hands of some celebrity for a few minutes,” Vultaggio said.

Even with a frugal approach to ads, AriZona still has to deal with rising production costs. To help resist increasing prices to compensate, the company has pursued alternative manufacturing methods, using 40 percent less aluminum in cans and having enough factories dotting the country to make transportation more efficient. Bottled water, in contrast, is sometimes sourced from abroad, making for exorbitant shipping costs.

In the end, it’s not the iced tea that’s more economical than the water; it’s that the container it comes in is simply cheaper to produce and transport. And while AriZona isn’t above charging a premium for fancier drinks—like a tea brewed with oak chips that sells for twice the price—their branding depends heavily on those familiar rows of 99-cent cans and the loyal consumers who keep reaching for them.




Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in your car to all the songs you used to listen to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good

this post keeps me going

October 23 2017

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Hi folks! I’m selling Flemeth, Hawke and (finally) Leliana as prints over at my Society6 shop! (LINK HERE)

I’m also selling a PSD file for Hawke’s tarot workflow in Gumroad for those of you who are interested to learn :D 


Thanks for the support!!

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