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July 01 2017

Theory: Nobody who writes a physics textbook gives any fucks

















Update: Legolas’ pupils are about 3.5 cm wide each. Now drawing kawaii Legolas on physics assignment.

And they told you science was no fun.



I’m going to do it. I’m going to hand it in.

Legolas’s pupil size isn’t the problem here, though. 5 leagues is 17.262 miles. The curvature of the Earth means that for a person of average height, the visual horizon is less than three miles away. Even if your vision is telescopic and the atmosphere is perfectly clear, you can’t see around the planet. If they were standing on a hill, it would have to be at LEAST 198 feet above sea level in order to see the horizon at 17.2 miles away, with nothing tall in between. Which, knowing Rohan, isn’t impossible.

But consider: Elven satellite eyeballs.

you mean like

@sidereanuncia it’s back, the post that I can only imagine haunts your nightmares 

I shall never find peace.

Also, for what it’s worth, there’s absolutely no reason to believe that the curvature of Middle Earth is the same as that of Earth.

There’s no evidence that Middle Earth curves.

Yeah there is.  The Silmarillion states that the world was curved after the fall of Numenor (I believe), preventing access to Valinor.  But Elves (among others) can travel the straight path across it.

So middle earth is round, but not for Elves because magic.

So wait, the reason he can see that far is because Elves just have the ability to ignore the curve of the earth? That’s awesome. It also means that no matter how good your optics got, you would always want elf eyes manning the spyglass because they can see arbitrarily far while everybody else is limited by this ‘horizon’ bullshit.

Oh thank God, my poor elf prince has seen too much in this post

Elves are flat-earthers

This post went from amusing to horrifying, to be brought back down to amusing, sprinkled in with some cannon explanation, and then you leave me here in fucking outrage

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lmao yea 

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i don’t even play i just meme

When I saw this...



All I  thought was this–


I’m Sorry 

((haha might add colour on this later–))

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it’s so sketchy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

anyway have some winter soldier -esque wash as inspired by Talks in the gay chat

“wash? who the hell is wash?” 

Please stop repeating that Le Fou is the first openly gay Disney character (THIS IS NOT TRUE!)


Please stop saying Le Fou in Beauty and The Beast is the first openly gay Disney character.  

 Le Fou is NOT the first openly gay Disney character. 

That distinction goes to Lexington from Disney’s Gargoyles. Though not out of the closet in the show, the season three comic books do allow him to come out openly as gay.  The comics are by Greg Weisman (the show’s creator) and are canon.  Lexington is the first officially gay Disney character.  


And the Disney TV show Once Upon a Time has the now canon Lesbian couple of the bisexual Red (Little Red Riding Hood) and Dorothy (The Wizard Of Oz) .


There is also a bisexual Mulan, who has an unrequited love for Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) in Once Upon a Time. 


In fact Disney’s first non-comedic Lesbian kiss was Dorothy and Red in Disney’s Once Upon a Time Season five.


Also though sexual orientation is not specific Pleakley of Lilo and Stitch was gender non-conforming, preferring woman’s clothing to male.  And it’s not just an alien thing.   Pleakley knows it’s generally considered female clothing.

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June 30 2017

important anatomy tips!!


these are very common mistakes do not feel bad 

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The German Parliament just voted to legalize same-sex marriage

  • After a short on Friday, Germany’s Parliament voted to approve same-sex marriage, paving the way for marriage equality in Germany, the New York Times reported on Friday.
  • The vote came just days after German Chancellor Angela Merkel, leader of the Christian Democrats, broke with her party and dropped her opposition to same-sex marriage, saying she supported a free vote.
  • Now the bill will go to Germany’s upper house, where, as CNN reported on Friday, it is likely to pass. Read more (6/30/17)
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How about instead of taking Gal Gadot out they team up and kick some nasty people’s asses?


Diana does have a twin. Two Wonder Women, one made from white clay and one from black. 

I’d give my entire college fund to see this happen! 👏🏽❤️

Team up! Team up! Team up!

Her name is Nubia. In the comics, she was also sculpted from clay, like Diana, only she was kidnapped by Ares and trained to fight by him. She was made to literally be Diana’s equal in every way, and even uses the name Wonder Woman as well.

In short, yes, team up




reminder trans men aren’t just cute, they’re also handsome and hot as hell

you can rb this if you’re cis btw trans men deserve to know these Facts


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the best attendant at the parade today. shy boi who was very interested in a spot another dog had been sitting in moments before

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this aint duck season

Omg x’D…

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Polycephaly is the condition of having more than one head. Two-headed animals (called bicephalic or dicephalic) and three-headed (tricephalic) animals are the only type of multi-headed creatures seen in the real world, and form by the same process as conjoined twins from monozygotic twin embryos.

While two headed snakes are rare, they do occur in both the wild and in captivity at a rate of about 1 in 10,000 births. Most wild polycephalic snakes do not live long, but some captive individuals do. A two-headed black rat snake with separate throats and stomachs survived for 20 years.

(Sources: x x x x x x x x)

Why does this seem to happen to snakes so often compared to other animals? I mean, you don’t see this happen to dogs or cats very often but snake embryos seem almost eager to mix it up every once in a while and pull a two-for-one deal in the head department.

The consensus seems to be that polycephaly occurs more often in reptiles than other animals, but the why of it, as far as I could find out, is relatively unknown. Polycephalic animals appear so infrequently and they survive for such a short time that scientists just have not been able to study them sufficiently. If anyone can find more information about why it happens more often in reptiles, feel free to chime in. In the meantime, enjoy these two-headed lizards and turtles:

Can you imagine the arguments!





did anyone see that video of the guy who was like “im really good at finding moles” and hes saying that hes gonna pull a mole right out of the ground and for a few seconds youre like ok whats the joke and then he just squats down to the grass and and jams his fist into the ground and pulls a mole up

i think about it so much


how the fuck

T H E    M O L E    D I V I N E R

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Isn’t it strange, to create something that hates you?

Ex Machina (2014) dir. Alex Garland

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Dragon Age 2/Buffy


In CoS when they try to sneak into Myrtle’s bathroom to ask her about her death, McGonagall catches them and Harry makes up the excuse that they wanted to see Hermione in the hospital wing and Minnie doesn’t give them detention and then comes this and since we all know Harry’s dumbest excuse, here’s the official suggestion to rate all of Harry’s excuses on a scale from


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