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June 15 2017

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fake ah crew • burn the stars

i’ll just go and burn the stars
let ‘em burn, let ‘em burn, let ‘em burn

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why do things aimed at “gamers” look like that

look like what?

you fucking leave reaper out of this


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WANTED: The Last of Us, but in Mass Effect, starring these two.

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So majestic

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pjo/hoo aesthetics - the lightning thief (1/5)

If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself.

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haha sick one! anyway, am I going to lose my health insurance in a few months

Guys. I get it, this isn’t ensuring you a living wage or banning AHCA.

But the courts have used Trump’s tweets to strike down the travel ban. This is important, even if it has a dumb name meant to needle him. His tweets are official correspondence, meaning they can illuminate his legislative intent, meaning they need to be on record. This can save lives. Using his tweets in court has saved lives. You can care about this AND your health insurance.


Headcanons on why mages don’t wear armor:

  • magic and mana corrodes metal (that’s why so many rpgs have heavy plated characters weak to spells)
  • armor has no pockets for potions or books or herbs or snacks
  • mages read and do alchemy in tiny spaces so armor gets in the way a lot and libraries hate clanking noises
  • most mages are skinny weak ass nerds do u think they can wear armor
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The latest episode of Tropes vs. Women in Video Games is live! 

In “Lingerie Is Not Armor,” we explore the ways in which female characters are frequently placed in wildly impractical, sexualizing outfits specifically designed to objectify them for the titillation of the presumed straight male player. We then discuss the problems inherent in linking the sexualization of female characters to notions of female empowerment, and examine what positive depictions of female sexuality and sexual desire in games might look like.

You can find a list of resources and a full transcript on our website.

Finally, the Tropes vs. Women in Video Games episode we awaited the most arrives! And it doesn’t disappoint.

Not surprisingly, Anita touches many subjects we frequently discuss on BABD, including:


So, E3 is coming to a close for another year, and brought it’s share of treasures and trash. The hype trains are building up steam and moving into high gear for all kinds of properties, new and established. It’s a good time to bring back this post that touches on so, so many important topics.

Just as importantly, it means it’s time for many of us to remember How To Be A Fan of Problematic Things.

- wincenworks

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kermit really is that bitch…… he went from crying in showers and talking to negative inner monologues to running freely in a dandelion field,,…i’m tryna be on this level

reblog happy kermit for a full month of good luck 

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Black Panther: World of Wakanda #3

This is the best ever

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last night i had a dream that i met mother earth and if u were wondering what she looks like it’s dwayne the rock johnson in a flowy white sun dress with rly good winged eyeliner 

you mean like this

The best part is that he would totally be down for this

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Rian Johnson, director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, claps back.

I hope we never stop using pictures of Carrie flipping people off to convey our feelings about stupid people

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really loving how ominous this is

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Then stop fucking cancelling your best shows and renewing your shitty ones

i am literally paying your ass directly netflix this is not fucking hard to figure out

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“Most Awful Sleeping Face in Japan” (photos by @mino_ris/via neebus)

I can’t not reblog this. I tried… impossible. 

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